Talking Education Change Models With Julie Wilson

An opportunity to dive deep on the next steps for organizational change in schools.

I recently had the opportunity to check in with Julie Wilson and record a podcast for the MAPLE/LearnLaunch organization to talk about her book “The Human Side of Education” and discuss the role of Personalized Learning in schools and some of the powerful change models that can make true impact in educational organizations.

The podcast was an opportunity to connect on some of the work that I have been doing in my own district in terms of Personalized Learning strategies but also an opportunity to discuss the ever changing role of online content in education and how schools can begin to take their next steps in terms of shifts to support new instructional and assessment models.

Please take a moment and review the table of contents below. I can highly recommend the section on “Signs and Models for Change”. In this section Julie dives deep into several change models and how they can be implemented into organizations. Additionally, in the section “The Role of Coaching In Organizational Change” Julie provides examples of specific experiences in which coaching was the backbone to shifts and sometimes how asking the right questions can begin develop a better understanding for next steps and opportunities to connect with stakeholders.

Join Julie Wilson, author of “The Human Side of Education” and Executive Director of the Institute for the Future of Learning, and host Dan Downs, Director of Digital Learning for North Reading Public Schools, as they delve into strategies for making meaningful change in school districts. They discuss strategies on how to better sustain personal leadership when leading change, how to inspire others as they navigate their own journey, and how to lead from a place of clarity, conviction and courage.

Table of Contents
00:00-02:02 MAPLE & Julie Wilson Introduction
02:02-05:45 Overview of "The Human Side of Changing Education"
05:45-08:30 Challenges to Change in Education
08:30-10:58 Content as Commodity
10:58-15:58 Where does Personalized Learning Fit
15:58-21:00 Where can Organizations/Institutions Start with Change
21:00-26:00 The Role of Coaching in Organizational Change
26:00-40:18 Signs & Models for Change
40:18-End Next Steps & Success Factors for Change